For over sixty years we have stood behind our product sales with a fully trained work-force. A work-force engaged in evaluating client needs in the area of fire protection, specifying appropriate solutions and then maintaining the selected system such that its current effectiveness matches the day it was first installed.

We provide a maintenance service to all makes of fire extinguishers and hose reels, as well as fire hydrant service checking and pressure testing.

We have our own workshop repair facilities for refilling, repairing, and refurbishing fire extinguishers. We offer all our clients a contract for the inspection and maintenance of the client's fire extinguishers, that exceeds the basic maintenance requirements as specified in IS 291.

We also provide a complete staff Fire Training Programme Facility to clients concerned about meeting their legal obligations in fire safety.

These training programme's are normally tailored to meet the needs and size of the individual clients, but typically include:

  • Relevant video presentations
  • Informative hand-outs
  • Interactive discussions on fire prevention, etc.
  • Practical training

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